The Sunny Central inverter, with 1,850 kVA or 2,200 kVA for 1,000 VDC and 2,500 kVA or 2,750 kVA for 1,500 VDC (at 25°C), enables even more efficient PV power plant designs. The flexibility of this inverter allows for implementation with a variety of modules. The integrated power supply transformer and installation area provide an ideal environment for integration of needed customer equipment. Suitable for any outdoor climate around the globe, this new Sunny Central is equipped with OptiCool, a proven air-cooling technology that ensures smooth operation under extreme environmental conditions.


Highest power density
Market leading efficiency
Provides ancillary services with Q-on-Demand
Reduce installation and transportation costs with up to four inverters in a standard shipping container or a flat-bed truck


Proven and intelligent precision air cooling technology
Durably built for outdoor installation in harsh environmental conditions
Robust and redundant fiber optic communication network configurations


Operation up to 1,500 V DC
Highest DC:AC design ratio in the industry
Nominal power operation from -25°C to 50°C

Highly Integrated

Area for customer SCADA equipment
Integrated zone monitoring
LOTO DC and AC disconnects
On-board 120V ac Power Outlet

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