Perfection Plus. Usability. The Sunny Boy 3500TL-JP, 4500TL-JP and 5400TL-JP offer more communication options, are easier to use and more efficient than ever – setting new standards in inverter technology. A modern graphic display, indication of the daily values even after sunset, simplified installation concept, stand-alone function and wireless communication via Bluetooth: The new Sunny Boys fulfill every wish. The Sunny Boy 3500TL-JP, 4500TL-JP and 5400TL-JP have a peak efficiency of 96.7 percent with a wide input voltage range. They are multistring inverters providing an optimal yield, maximum flexibility for system design and an outstanding module compatibility – this makes them the first choice for nearly any PV system.

Leading-edge Technology
Maximum efficiency of 96.7 % and wide input voltage range
Transformerless with H5 topology
OptiTrac MPP control

Easy Installation
Easily accessible connection compartment
Cabling without tools
Ergonomic design
For Global use
Comprehensive SMA warranty program
JET certification

Bluetooth® Technology
Graphic display

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