Developed for the requirements of the Japanese market, built with more than thirty years of experience and with the know-how of the technological leader, the Sunny Tripower Economic Excellence offers more benefit for each Yen invested. Its robust outdoor enclosure meets the strict specifications of the IP65 device classification and offers very solid protection from dirt, water, and salt-containing atmospheres. Unmatched in its class, the three-phase inverter operates at 97.8 % peak efficiency and offers numerous features. The Sunny Tripower can also be equipped with an optional Webconnect data module. It allows for monitoring individual or several Ethernet-based SMA devices via Sunny Portal, as well as remotely via smartphone or tablet.

Efficiency of 96.5 % (as per JIS C8961)
Peak efficiency of 97.8 %
Excellent price-performance ratio

Highest robustness and best level of protection thanks to degree of protection IP65 (outdoor)
Integrated display showing yield values and daily trends
Operating temperature range from -25 °C to +60 °C through active OptiCool temperature management
Easy plant monitoring thanks to Webconnect and Sunny Portal

Versatile use in all common grid topologies of commercial applications

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