Roof integration in tiled roofs.

Proven in-roof mounting solution
The InterSole PV mounting system for roof-integrated solar systems has been used since 2003. With only a few components, installation is simple, and the finished solar system fits harmoniously into the overall picture.

An optimal solution for new buildings and roof renovations
With the Intersole mounting system, the panels and the underlying HDPE plates replace the roof cladding, saving the costs of a typical roof covering.

Compatible with all framed PV panels
The InterSole mounting system mounts PV modules from 30 to 50 mm height.

The modules can be installed in landscape or in portrait orientation to ensure optimal area utilization.

HDPE as water bearing roof cladding
The lightweight InterSole plates made of HDPE (high-density polyethylene) replace the roof cladding and form a water-bearing layer under the PV panels.

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