Ballasted mounting solution with rails.

The simple and efficient PV mounting system for flat roofs, with a 10° inclination for orientation to the south.
Ideal for flat roofs with a bitumen or foil roof covering.

Also available with an 18° inclination and increased space between rows for optimized yields.
Good price/benefit ratio thanks to the economic use of materials in the design of all three options.

East/west flat roof mounting system with a 10° module inclination and no roof penetration.
Only two additional components are required to convert the system from south facing to east west, making storage significantly easier.

Ideal solutions – for logistics and on site
Consistently simplified with very few components. The various mounting solutions all have a modular structure.

All systems use the same supports in the eaves
Identical connectors, building protection mats and screws
Clamps for all framed modules with frame heights between 30 and 50 mm
Well-considered components – speedy construction
The well-considered design of the flat roof product family makes the mounting process much easier compared with conventional mounting solutions.

Innovative rail connectors – without nuts
High mounting tolerance
Layout simplified by pre-drilled holes – installation requires next to no measuring
Short rails
Thanks to the short support rails, the installation adapts to the surface of the roof like a chain.

The innovative rail connectors counterbalance any potential consequences of temperature expansion.

A range of rail lengths for each system depending on the shadow angles
Easy to transport both in storage and on site

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